Gardner Earl "Duck" Starkey

Gardner Earl Starkey was the fourth child of Ida Mae Nickens and Oscar Lee Starkey. He was born Feb, 1931 at Hammond, Tangipahoa Parish, La. Gardner married Emma Rogers, (date unknown). She was born Oct, 1931 at Hammond. Her parents were Ira A. Rogers and Gertrude Griffin. Gardner Earl died 06Sep, 2011 and is buried in Our Meadows Cemetery, Pumpkin Center, Tangipahoa Parish, La. Emma is living.

Gardner Earl and Emma's children are:

David Earl Starkey Born: Jul, 1951  Living
Gardner Darrell Starkey Born: 07 Jun, 1953Died: 19 Nov, 2010
Gilbert Bruce Starkey Born: May, 1955  Living
Danny Ken Starkey Born: May, 1958  Living
Randy Lee Starkey Born: Feb, 1965Died: 08 Sep, 2003
Ronald Marty Starkey Born: Feb, 1970  Living





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